Artist, romantic, complex systems thinker.

Kia ora universe! So…you’d like my life as a catalogue of non-definitive acts: I’ve hiked across the battle plains where Lord of the Rings wars were filmed.  I have dreams of space-junk and Loch Ness monsters and grand pianos trapped on high-rise balconies.  I wrote a novella of fifty-thousand words in three months last year to save my sanity, occasionally sing in clock towers and foreign train stations, and am dangerously in love with constellations, lightning storms and hot showers. As a kid, one time I liked the scent of a newspaper so much that I decided to try eating it. I love people, but I obsess about healthy ecosystems more, and drool about multiverses. I would marry my 400kmph blender if I could and I spent the entire summer trying to figure out where the ink on my toothpaste tube came from – ecological lifecycle analysis. Oh, and? EARTH without ART is just ‘EH’.


I find it hard to tell people how old I am. I can’t remember most of the time. I sometimes feel 7, sometimes 565 years old. Both ancient and deeply young.

I’m also obsessed with baby grand pianos. I can usually smell them quite a way away and osmotically gravitate towards them.

And if I had a stage name, that’s what I’d love. BABY GRAND. Shameless, fierce, intimate. It’s about either ‘succeeding…or failing magnificently.’ It breathes mana wahine, wild women and women who run with wolves. It shouts GAIA, or Mama Universe.

The journey

My current dream is to travel from New Zealand to South America, up through Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and return back to New Zealand one day in a sailboat. Probably in 2017.

They keep asking me – why? Well. Because maybe.

Because maybe I want to become an Amazonian jungle warrior woman.

Because maybe I want to meet the radicals, the revolutionaries, the artists, the acrobats, the dancers, the permaculturists, the activists.

Because maybe I want to live my life in defiance of the WORK, BUY, DEBT, THROW, OBEY, DIE finite game.

Because I want to disappear. Because I want time to slow right down.

Because maybe I want to stop chasing things. Achievements, certificates, projects. Because maybe I don’t want deadlines. Or a computer screen.

Because maybe I want to have a neverending supply of Amazonian jungle superfoods and sunshine and green things.

Because maybe I want to challenge myself and facilitate in a completely different language, a completely different culture and see if I can still hold space for young people to break open, love immensely and cry from the heart.

Because maybe I’m tired. Because maybe I’m tired of New Zealand politics and fruitless NGO activism and campaigns and projects that go nowhere because our Prime Minister is an ex-banker and wants to sell everything. And because maybe I need to go live in a sh*t-hole for a while, experience cold showers and tarantulas and sleep in a hammock with a hole in the ground to poop in to appreciate what I left behind in this country.

Because I just want to be a human being for a while. Nothing more. Nothing less.


One thought on “About

  1. Baby grande,

    Shivers down my spine, water in my eyes and my hairs on end, my body screams to feel this human again.

    Fly with the humming birds my friend who runs with wolves.

    Sunlight from my heart for you.

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